Volition CR incoroporates a quiet rear hub Bafang motor into it's unique design.  Alot of people don't know that the motor performance is mostly determined by the controller engineering.  Volition have designed and tested dozens of contoller's... This is the best there is.

Volition CR



    Our Batteries (measured in Wh) are greater than most e.bikes out there. It is important to know when comparing e.bikes that the cost of the battery often accounts for 40% of an e.bike’s price. If those 400wh/500wh battery e.bikes are “studios”, our 910wh/1000wh bikes are “penthouses”.  Dollar for dollar or Wh for Wh, our e.bikes easily offer the most amount of value.


    Another thing sets us apart is that we “map” & engineered our own batteries. Most batteries use similar cells such as Samsung, Sony… etc which we can not make them any better ourselves. The performance difference is achieved in how they (up to 70 cells) are assembled; from the quality of materials to the welding & protection of the cells. Our team visited the factory in China and made our own assembly & quality protocols so each battery is made to our highest safety and performance standard.


    • Frame: Premium all-aluminum 6061 custom frame; rear extension to natively support the child seat or bags.
    • Bafang Brushless Hub Motor System Peak 1000Watts
    • Colour display. Mini and stealth.
    • 48V Battery with a 3a charger included
    • Gear  – 1 x 7 Speeds Shimano System
    • Chainring: Front 48T with dual side protection
    • Brake System: Hydraulic Oil Brakes
    • Wheels – 20inch x  4inch wheels with Kenda tyre
    • Seat – custom made large saddle with fake leather cover
    • Fenders are included
    • LED lights are NOT included. Additional Purchases.
    • Pre-assembled in China to our exact requirements of standards
    • Weight around 26kg
    • Rider Weight Restriction is under 180kg. The bike is not intended to perform any jumps




    • (New) much softer seat for improved comfort
    • (New) the frame now has an extension at the rear (behind the seat) to natively support the child seat or any CARGO bags. Functions like a pannier rack.